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So I spent the two weeks leading up to the West Coast visit reading and reading and reading, and it became quickly clear that this was gonna need to be a multi-post series. We’ll dive deep into Musk’s companies and the industries surrounding them in the coming posts, but today, let’s start by going over exactly who this dude is and why he’s such a big deal.12Note: There’s a great biography on Musk coming out May 19th, written by tech writer Ashlee Vance.

I was able to get an advance copy, and it’s been a key source in putting together these posts.

His first move was to go try to get a job at the monster of the 1995 internet, Netscape.

The tactic he came up with was to walk into the lobby, uninvited, stand there awkwardly, be too shy to talk to anyone, and walk out.

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” The answer he came up with was a list of five things: “the internet; sustainable energy; space exploration, in particular the permanent extension of life beyond Earth; artificial intelligence; and reprogramming the human genetic code.”4 He was iffy about how positive the impact of the latter two would be, and though he was optimistic about each of the first three, he never considered at the time that he’d ever be involved in space exploration.We had a discussion about Tesla, Space X, the automotive and aerospace and solar power industries, and he told me what he thought confused people about each of these things.He suggested that if these were topics I’d be interested in writing about, and it might be helpful, I could come out to California and sit down with him in person for a longer discussion.And learning, for Musk, is simply the process of “downloading data and algorithms into your brain.”3 Among his many frustrations with formal classroom learning is the “ridiculously slow download speed” of sitting in a classroom while a teacher explains something, and to this day, most of what he knows he’s learned through reading.He became consumed with a second fixation at the age of nine when he got his hands on his first computer, the Commodore VIC-20.

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If you’re like the typical dude, you probably already have too much drama going on in your life. When guys talk about their sexual exploits, it’s really all about bragging.

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=) Saranghamnida = 사랑합니다 I find this drama full of holes which were overlooked by the writer and director but the character of Ga Eun seems strangely limited compared to that of Haw Gun.

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Get the important information and support you need in a relaxing, interactive environment.

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They will help you navigate the bureaucratic and cultural hurdles so you can focus on discovering the happiness you deserve.

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For this article I'm going to focus on the biggest problem most shy guys have and that's starting a conversation with a woman.

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Jensen Ackles departed Days of our Lives in 2000 and went on to appear in the mini-series Blonde, about the life of Marilyn Monroe.10.

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The same material of stainless steel was used for the statue of Kiepenkerl.

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But what about the simple respect that any worker should receive in the workplace?