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She recorded a verse for the remix to her artist Sacario record "Live Big".

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Would work on gamefly, but i like to have 3 games to work on at a time lol, cycle them so the hunting doesn't wear me out.i got every trophy for Dead Space but 1, beat it on Impossible. Then im looking at my collection i think imma go for Heavy Rain Dead to Rights : Retirbution Dark Voidand possibly Planet 51 (game is so boring)ONE day ill play Fallout 3, just everytime i start i goof up and get killed and i just stop.still got around 50 games i can plat on my shelf, but ive pretty much knocked out almost all the "fast" plats, except for Cabela's Outdoor Adventures, which ill get to sometime and order it. Buy a game, plat it, resell it for about 80% i paid.

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