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"It's better if the person who wants to feel closer would just ask, "What would be a good time for you to talk?

That way, the other person has the time they need to regroup."What it looks like: One person wants to control all the other's business. Why it's easy to fall into: It can feel like someone really cares when they obsess over little things like your breakfast choices and weekend plans (especially when they involve fancy trips to boutique hotels!

She kept dating these guys who seemed right but were breadcrumbing her. If you haven’t heard us talk about the forever single dating patterns go watch this training to learn about them: But Sarah was already painfully aware of the results she was getting with men. What we really had to help her do was to identify the root causes of WHY she was stuck in these patterns. Heart Barriers are ALWAYS at the root cause of the Forever Single Dating Patterns and we know exactly how to identify and overcome them. -fear of not being good enough -fear of being seen and rejected -fear of settling -fear of being vulnerable -fear of going after what you want -fear of making the wrong choice -fear of wasting your time -doubt about whether or not you can do it -doubt about whether or not you deserve it -doubt about whether or not it is possible or exists -insecurity about your worth or value -uncertainty Underlying all your struggles in dating are these heart barriers. You MUST listen and be open to our coaching and feedback.

She was also meeting a gang of guys who were WAY off from what she was looking for. Several of her friends and family members had gotten married to amazing men. She tried MANY different dating tips to break out of them… In our workshop, we went to work doing just that and we quickly discovered what was sabotaging her love relationships. Your heart barriers are a result of your natural evolutionary wiring. You aren’t wired for fulfillment, contentment and an amazing relationship. Luckily for you we are surgeons when it comes to love and contentment and know how to help you take a scalpel to these heart barriers and remove them forever. You MUST be able and willing to be pushed by us personally.

You lose your sh*t, curse him out, and set up an automatic payment yourself.

Why it's easy to fall into: "When you're married it's easy to fall into this, because so much has to be done, says Sherman.

"One study found that the average couple with kids communicates just 15 minutes a day.

If all your communication is transactional, you're not going to connect as partners and lovers. "Ask your partner, 'what's the craziest part of your week? ' Ask what you would if you were on your first date."What it looks like: He forgets to pay the credit card bill and you get fined again.

You MUST endure the pain that comes from growing as a person.

After one to three years together, you go from excitement and novelty to attachment, and get into a neutral zone.

That's when you really have to work to create that excitement and connection."What to do: Dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to "date talk," says Syrtash.

Why it's easy to fall into: "Couples forget that they need to be lovers and partners, not just parents and/or roommates," says Syrtash, the author of Cheat on Your Husband With Your Husband.

"I've coached couples for years who fall into complacency.

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You might not meet your husband but it beats a night in front of East Enders.

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They focus heavily on that aspect and also encourages everyone that wants to have an interracial relationship to pursue their desire.

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