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I love you Lee min ho..awaiting you next movie.kumasimida He's truly a good actor and is passionate with his work. Jolly totally adore you, am a grandma with 7 grandkids. I pray u will excel in anything u lay ur hand on, keep on moving. I think you are very optimistic and tries to bring out the best in all the roles you play. your my inspiration, i hope and i wish i will go there in Korea soon... 1year remaining i will be graduated and 2years from now i hope and i wish.... am a Nigerian and the first Korean movie I saw was "boys before flower". I wont be able to meet you in these short tern of life journey.... He is my favourite actor and wish him good luck from my deepest heart for a good future as a film actor he is acting is awesome even thought he is so young but he knows how to act as good actor...city hunter and bbf he show that how talgent is he. I watched all of your dramas and now I haven't any drama to watch..... You might not be able to see this but I heart you a lot that I think am going crazy,lol. Kamsamida I wish the universe will conspire and I'd get to meet Lee Min Ho up-close. Lee Min Ho I am cris mae I am one of your biggest fan I watch all your movies I have so manny collection about your movies like the heirs,city hunter and perfect match etc. Hoping to see u in person(of-course tears fall for overwhelmed on seeing you on that day). Actually I consider him as the best actor in the world.,.. Its nice to be my super crush because you are the best and the best for all time. Later if I success to publish my book, I want him to star one of the characters in my book. it has a inique story and ending...although I was expected more revealation in city hunter the finale I was disappointed when I watched the ending . Ha Ji Won is currently filming her MBC drama "Empress Qi"! Boys before flower,heirs,faith,personal taste and my best korean drama of all time city hunter,what do all these drama's have in common,lee min ho's charm and you ave stolen my heart,i wonder what i will do when i finally meet you,please come to the usa. chebayl com to the Lee min ho this is a message from iran a country full of MINOZ that LOVE YOU so much and wants to say SARAN HYYY and please come to iran :(((((((((( beside Gangnam Blues, please make another drama in 2014. please take care of yourself, do not let them squize all the juice out of you. loyal fan of yours from USA :-) Min Ho oppa an nyong hseyo! I love to sleep around16 hours in my free days,but if i do so uri omoni will get ha ha :):):)but at least i sleep around 12 hours. I just wanted to say that there are more handsome and talented actors in korea even though he's one, but I'm not satisfied with it. More power, Dorie min hoo was a best actor when he played bof but now after 5 year he still plying the same role in bof. I love you, Oppa min ho :') Wish you good luck Oand totallypa.. I always love all the film u act as well as I love u . In faith it's a big difference and a develipment in his acting as he is playing a matured role as agoreo warrier and a captain of army choi young. My favorite drama/movie is Faith, "The Great Doctor". you are so freaking handsome in and out and love all your tv characters,you slayed every freaking role. Please consider this and let Director Lee Byung-hoon do the work! It's really rare to find such a good equilibrium between managing career as an actor and building a strong good will at the same time. looking forward to see more impressive work of yours. ( P: S: you may not aware , you have a considerable die-hard fan base for you here in SL as well) hai.... I don't usually idolize celebrities until I've seen you in small screen. ur so gorgeous, those figure and those face is so perfect, your good in acting too;-) i am your number one fan Oppa.. He knows how to adjust and adopt what kind of character he is doing. that's one of reasons why actually I didn't like to watch Korean drama before. But after I watched "Faith" starred by Lee Min Ho, my eyes could not leave the character (Choi Young). the korean dramas of LMH was so much amazing, I recognized him in a BOF drama until I watched personal taste..the best drama I've ever watched was the CITY HUNTER. Song Hye Kyo has started filming her upcoming movie "My palpitating life"! HE HAS FANS ALL OVER THE WORLD(asian,europe,america and africa)I wonder why this pains you though. I miss u so much oppa chnchaaaaa saran hyyyyyyyy❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ . it's me,thanks to you now i'm little bit good in korean.i watched your all dramas including the heirs.i had a great hard time while watching the heirs coz it still not allowed to our however watched i will come to korea oneday,i promise sarang hae I'm not a fan of lee min ho so sorry min ho fans... Keep up the wonderfull good acting and I hope the series will continue coz I just can't get enought I am totally hook up to this show............... Be best always, Am always thinking of you, My heart is always melting for you. I read korean star news and watch videos about him and his interviews and he is not only humble but a caring person. And I wanted more and more of the dramas you starred in and I've grown to like you alot..where ever you are always know that there are a lot of people looking up to you and please keep up with the good work.... wating lovingly for ur next of love from nigeria and from a whole lot of ur fans.do'nt mind but 'i love u' oppa,,,, i like your everything.specially your smile :) i don't know it is soo lovely and cut and handsome... Some of you Lee Min Ho fans overhype this guy way too much and he's just bland to me! to tell you the truth am remaining with Personal Taste coz i have failed to get it. I wish you return to small screen do some good dramas. You were totally amazing in city hunter no one could have had your charisma, but wish you do similar acting !!! You got so lazy and careless and picked the easy role just to appease your fans and make money. You seemed like you were interested in bettering yourself and being taken seriously for your craft. Love from a Moroccan Minoz xoxox I wish the universe will allow me to see Lee minho I have never liked a man like dis in a movie everyday I watch ur movies I shed tears wishing to see you. I know that can never happen Lee minho wherever you may be know that someone in Nigeria loves you do much...... Thank you all,let's not fight our boy is kind and adorable and I hope we love him for him and nothing else. :-) It's beautiful what is beautiful , it's beautiful what he likes ! I can't remember anymore how many times I've watched every episode which are English subtitled, how I wished I know Korean language so that I could fully understand every word that a character would utter. lmh fans open your eyes and see that there are more good actors out there and handsome too. Let the joy of the others to love and appreciate Lee Min Ho without being judged. Since I knew you ever thought that every day you ever thought of God., God loves you very much., I do not like you burn in the fire because I love you.'re all trying to resist.'ll think about it., if one day you want to know how much God loves you email me OK. Probably laugh at me., But soon I'll be at your rescue. He is a fairly physical actor, although not purely. I support his from Italy every day and will do it in the future. Lee Min Ho, you are the best, i had ever seen in the world before. After seeing faith I have look for other dramas with Lee Min Ho name on it because he is a good actor and of course because of his magnetic appeal. Looking forward to another drama before your enlistment. I fell in love with k-dramas because of city hunter.. Thanks i have a very big crush on u ,i love ur movies,ur looks ,name voice everytin about u.every member of my family are drunk in love with u . Lee Min Ho is vastly overrated and he doesn't deserve a lot of praise! I first saw you in City Hunter then googled about you to see all the dramas you've acted. I love you so much , my first drama I watch was the heirs , and I try to search your profile , and your dramas . i love his charisma in personal taste and boys before flowers. I'm looking forward that you follow me back on Instagram and Twitter(Lheenlee Minoz Min Ho) I also done a page for you Lee Min Ho Philippines by Lheen Minoz Dee. Since The Heirs, I've lost all respect for your "acting". your gorgeous nose, dear god i so love your nose, i wish you the very best in your professional & personal life & pray to God to give me an opportunity to meet you one day, Amen :) BE WELL & BE HAPPY!! Go look You Tube their video was all over, the fans go crazy over their team up.. I hope old minoz and new ones will continue to respect his works and privacy and please don't get mad if he falls in love he is human too,and let's anticipate for his new projects and hope it becomes a success. Minho oppa,, you should find someone older than her..she's too young for you !! He had portrayed well his roles on every movies and drama he has but here on Faith I can't just help but to be in love in every single episode. You are not so great than him to talk this way about him. your fans are too arrogant in giving their comments to other actors . Because Jang-dong-gun is one of korean actor who is TRULLY MAN... just my though @maryxsi You have the right to hold your own opinion, but you can not impose it to the others. But if one's soul is touched when looking at someone who performing an artistic act, it means that he is loved. This is possibly just the image they project him as, but I don't think so, I think he truly carries this in him. I love his continued commitment in all of his work. I love the man he has become and his dreams for the future. If not, it is not yours.********** LEE MIN HO, I dont want to say that I love you. I watched faith onetime and got interested in the storyline and was hooked on it. And i must say Lee Min Ho did a great job, I love that emotion he managed to portray - a gangster who's life is dirt cheap, an orphan who does not know why he is born and one who cannot love. Am a great fan Ibellow sandra from Nigeria and will like to communicate on facebook.. I am so grateful for having to know an actor like you, Your movies gives me inspiration & Guidelines, Where can I get an actor like you? Nowhere because you are one of a kind & I want to be more like you. Lee Minho ssi, i respect & cheer for you as im a true Minoz, we are so proud of you & of what you have accomplished trough the years, we all know that a big & successful celebrity like you have a lot of HATERS, but they are just stupid ones who are jealous of your success & fame, or people with not enough taste to be your fans, (well obviously they have no taste at all :p) We see in you what they can't as we have a clear vision that allows as to see your heart trough your film & dramas & hear you soul sound trough your songs, thank you for always thinking of us when you sing, act & do charity, thank you for your kindness that made us all be one big MINOZ FAMILY, thank you for just being LEE MINHO, the ASIAN MALE GOD of our heart I really do not get the hype about this guy. actually Lee min ho happen to be my best actor so far. am really crazy about this guy that i post his pictures on my facebook as my best actor. I promise to myself that you will be my lifetime idol. Saranghae Oppa Lee Min Ho Love: Minoz Lheen( your avid fan) I can't believe I used to like you. love u Lee Min Ho My Idol, My favorite actor, my endless love & respect to you, Lee Minho ssi, you are truly DA BEST Korean/Asian actor, even better than some called great actors in Hollywood, i love your way of acting, in love with all your dramas starting with Faith (OMG da best) & like how you express the moment with all your body, i love your voice & bought your 2 albums, your eyes are the window of your soul, & what a beautiful soul it is, your heart is full of love & hope, your tall sexy legs are killing the love outta my heart, your lips are, OMG is there even a word for them? And for minoz from indonesia, please contact me on my twitter : @Mydna Ermwt. But to be honest, I feel sorry for him everyone is on his neck right now and I don't understand why some shippers are hating on him because he is not dating there favorite actresses,they all came to do there jobs satisfy the fans and get paid and not everyone who works together fall in love some become friends and some just part ways after the project they are not robots that you can control with your imaginations and delusions(no offense),there is no wrong in shipping tho but don't become a monster because your ship did not sail. If I could have this man in my life it seems that I'm always at peace because he is my knight of shining armor, whatever happened to me I'm sure General Choi Young would always come to save me! Without talent no one will be reaching this height at young age. anyway i was wondering when this might be happening..where in Europe or England.. please visit us in London Lee Min Ho please honestly i dont like you and i dont like what your fans are doing to other k actors. to lmh I only hope lee min ho can reflect jang-dong-gun as actor.. and the most meaningfull he also has married and be lover husband...the last word.." He is really a human".only actor.. .why you don't answer us to make sure you get the message and read it? He shows that it can be done, that a person can do what they set out to do with dignity. But I only want that you being happy and be success. One dayyy please cast Lee Min Ho and Lee Min Jung as leads in an well-written drama. But Lee Min Jung and Lee Mi Ho look amazing on the screen in drama. I was already addicted to Korean dramas before I saw Faith. And I hope you get along with little adorable cutie suzy for a long time..... What's best is it really gives Lee Min Ho the opportunity to shed his 2nd generation chaebol image. Really wana use this medium to appretiate and congratulate you on your acting... Congrats and also keep your head up nd your flag flying. Wishing you all the best and keep up your good work. the first korean drama i watch was Boy Over Flowers and in the first place i know you will become an great actor because you reach a success in life... that movie made me fall in love with korean movies. I collected all your movies and dramas, and always watch it again and again. You're such a great actor, and a great person, for helping Nepal children victims of earthquake, most of all im so proud to be your fan because you put your donation under the name Minoz. I'm a fan of mu Lee Min Ho, I hope and dream you can go to Indonesia to see myself, I love you, you thoseperfect men, I hope you can read my message is, you're handsome and you those perfect sweet. And i realy hope can see min ho oppa with another minoz! ❤❤ Calm down people,he is just dating not getting married lol. What a brilliant mind he has, but he's gone, may you rest in peace Kim Jung-Hak. I know you are working really hard but don't overwork your self,because we need you in one piece and always eat healthy and always get enough sleep. No one compelled you to see his drama and asked you to comment here. And stop commenting bad about lee min ho here after. No one compelled you to see his drama and no one asked u to comment here. and also the fact that he always wanted to act in Hollywood and some other facts about him liking Manchester United... I'm sorry you are the best actor that I have seen . Support you and The Heirs MUAHHHHH xoxo~~ hey Min-Ho! you made lots of girls go crazy here in the Philippines. Hi...l'm your persian fan..I really like your beautiful smile. .I hope you will always be my favorite actor How to describe Lee Min Ho? No matter what, you always get astonished with him. Can't resist his charms ;) He's the best korean actor i know. whenever i feel sad i ll watch urs korean drama ,i feel some relax... The most brilliant thing is you differ in every film. I love your smile, the way you cry, the way you seem so possessive about your girl in dramas, the way you act and everything about you.... Please keep up the good work and don't ever forget that many people (multitudes) look up to you. actually Lee min ho happen to be my best and sweet actor so far. Anyway but I hope you could star or take part in more TV series drama and movies!!! and famous all around the world..leaving my comment may not be issue for you .these millions of fan.... good luck Minho oppa ^^ please ...please ....please .... Lee Min Ho you're the ONE my favorite acktor, because you until I hooked watching Korean drama .... And am so happy that after all your hardwork for 9years that you still remain your humble,selfless person and I heard your recent 'news'and am so happy you have someone aside from your family and fans,who you can share your difficulties with and can understand how busy you always are,everyone deserves that and hope you too last long. I will never understand, why he is always in Top 3 of sexiest Korean men... Hope you would change stay what you are and I WISH I CAN MEET ME SOON but i will study first before i find you. I don't eat and sleep just to watch your movies :). I realized one thing the ending was unique because not all love story, is a happy ending....maybe the cast and the staff has a purposed why the story ends like that..still I idolized all cast,the tandem, the staff, the creators, the writers and most of all I'd love to watch the perfect match teamup of LMH & PMY..been a year past still CITY HUNTER is always in the air..of viewers and supporters are always talking to the drama..are expecting the season 2 for the city hunter..they are very much excited to see yhe MINMIN COUPLE reunite soon....hoping for more projects for them.... @nari-chan,yes he is loved all the world,am not korean am not even asian but i love him not just me but everyone that watches k-drama in my has millons of fans,you are obviously jealous but ur bitterness can't get you to see it,your hatred for him is that he has acted in just 15dramas/films and incredible famous and am sure i don't even know your idol with his/her so called '73 films' but that does not mean i will start talking badly of him.concentrate on ur favorite and leave those you don't like cause it clear you are threatened by him.#peace @nari-chan, GET A LIFE!!! P/s: My idol has acted 73 films and how about this guy... you r best in that category and that's the reason i like u. so plz be real i liked min ho but i think he must change the image that he is just a beauty face. so keep your bad judge...& please say good think only... He portrays the characters well and that's what I admire about him. I watch all your movies and totally love n enjoy it. Although I knw it's not possible but I hope I meet you in person either in a dream or in real life Mr. The works which you have done deserv more and it can be easily found your fans all over the world it means you pay attention to each detail of the episods. I got attached to your drama city hunter and from there I watched the rest. that movie made me fall in love with Korean movies. The first k drama I've seen was obviously 'boys over flowers', but anyway! And sorry that you couldn't be come a soccer player... I hope that he play new drama in 2015 I can't wait to see him again. Don't forget to laugh,enjoy your life with friends and family,fall in love and do what makes you happy cos your fans will always be there to support you and as for the naysayers(haters) ignore them because ''people throw stones at things that shine' I will keep praying for you and hope you make all the right decisions regarding your career and life in general,stay blessed. I watched your recent movie gagnam blues and it was so good happy to see another side of your acting I have never seen before,it is so obvious you worked so hard for that role that it sure paid off well. ps.(fans)don't forget to study too for the one who still went to school Looks of this man are overrated. I like you so much I hope I can see you someday when I will go to Korea you are my favorite actor ever LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! I kept updating and support your drama's and movies.. :) hello Lee Min Ho , i like your work , your acting is amazing i hope to see you more in succeful work , you have many fans in Morocco who support you ,keep working happiness for you , you deserve all the best, because you plant a beautiful values in people 's soul as :kindness , love , fineness, you are an angel. I like your siries "THE HEIRS" because so romantic. because I was expected more happiness at the end of the story....but! @nari-chan,yes he is loved all the world,am not korean am not even asian but i love him not just me but everyone that watches k-drama in my has millons of fans,you are obviously jealous but ur bitterness can't get you to see it,your hatred for him is that he has acted in just 15dramas/films and incredible famous and am sure i don't even know your idol with his/her so called '73 films' but that does not mean i will start talking badly of him/her.concentrate on ur favorite and leave those you don't like cause it clear you are threatened by him.#peace nd ave a nice day. I bet that who don't like K-film will hate this guy, and you know that...there are many many many people hate K-film. Only some people can show their feelings / acting through EYES. YOU KNOW OPPA when uri omoni tries to wake me up i used tell her that" AMME(THAT IS A WORD FOR OMONI IN OUR LANGUAGE) POPULAR KOREAN ACTOR LEE MIN HO SLEEPS AROUND 16 HOURS, SO WHY CAN'T I TRY? he was chosin the best because he have an army of girl fans they will ador what he will do. I'm fans for more korean artists by my judment only...

By the time of Lee Min-Ho's senior year in high school he joined Starhaus Entertainment with the help of an acquaintance. I want your address so that i can come to meet you. I mean he's dating Bae Suzy since 2015, shouldn't they update that fact? I am open for inquiries...appreciate your time, and God bless. I'd love to see Min-Ho and Kim Hyun- Joong work together again with a project aimed at a U. OPPAAAAAAAAA, my first OPPA ever the one who included me to kdrama world he's handsome face showed me how Korean actors are handsome he's acting skills showed me how Korean actors are talented he was the reason why I am now in a beautiful lifeeeeeesed LOVEEEEEEE youuuuuuu OPPA My sweet oppa,you are the best among the the best,you are my secret admire,idol and my golden moon,am one of ur biggest fans in r here in nigeria hoping for your visit someday.i love you to the moon and back.....lmh. coz u are such a whiz kid who slowly and patiently reach up to ur dreamzz. I admit that you are handsome, but you always play a character that I dislike, sorry.. I hope you can pick up a better character and also advance your acting skill.. Hi oppa min ho I am a fan I love all your movies which to see you as well,i also love to act too please can u help is my Facebook username Nisha cardenas you can add me up love to here frm you soon Hi thank you so much for updating the biography of my ultimate idol! To the newest Korean drama series #The Legend Of The Blue Sea! I lov ur moviess so mush...after I finish seein city hunter.I becam more intrested in U tru ∂α̲̅† ur song in city hunter ∂α̲̅† said goodbye dnt cry and sime I love ∂α̲̅† song so mush and also in faith.. Am so hapii Am ur fan...realy lov ur movi and Am yet ŤỖ see persnal test.... I just love watching you Lee Min Ho..my husband like you when we watched the "The City Hunter"... OMGGGGGG LEE MIN HOOOO I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHHHHHHH ''SARANGHAE'' GOO JUN PYOOOOO I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!!!!! You are the best singer or actor or model in Korea. I really hope to see you someday and I hope its soon. I love your music even though i don't understand it!! I love you for more and take care of yourself my dear. because of him i beleive in myself and in my dreams. i am swooning over you right now..i admire your physical charm. sarang hae Lee Min Ho is such a great actor and I do hope that he will surprise us with a great acting together with Park Min Young again.. I first saw Lee Min-ho about six months ago in Boys Over Flowers. I’ve told a lot of my family about City Hunter and now they are HUGE fans of Lee Min-ho and City Hunter. My family and I think Lee Min-ho is absolutely the coolest guy ever!!! Please Korean film industry please remain true to yourselves.

Because of him I try to learn the Korean language so as not to rely on the subtitles ordubs of the korean dramas. And for all the haters who respond to this..a life. I liked Lee Minho just as much as you did once upon a time. there is different between reality and fiction respect his private life and decisions.min will and always have been nice and kind to his fans and knetizens loves him for that and my friend who meet him in paris said he was super kind to them even though he was on a family vacation and for some one who said he/she is his fan cook up lies against him just because he is dating or you don't like his role in a particular film then it means that you were never his fan! It is mediocre as an actress and has a faint voice as a singer . It 's not my problem , not ours if he likes a girl silly. Telling him that he will not be happy just because he's dating Suzy and you fangirls want him to breakup is stupid as F. Thumbs up and more projects to come for Lee Min Ho! I challenge lee min ho that he can't acting without his hair down like that,he looks so bad when he didn't. The Heirs has been Amazing but I have to tell you I kept looking for you in the first episode. That you can change your look & you whole style so completely is a great achievement. I really love your drama series, especially, Personal taste, City Hunter and your recent drama series, The heirs. Ðøñt get depressed if you make mistakes because generally everyone in the world are still learning,read lots of novels α̲̅πϑ keep an oxford dictionary with you so you can check some difficult words α̲̅πϑ there meaning so you get to know how to place them in a sentence. every time that i see your pictures ...suddenly a smile appears in my face...thank ..are the best...it true that another Korean actor wants to come in my country Iran??? I am really inspired by your movies and the roles you play in them. I can't believe am actually crazy about someone I may never see but all the same,k Eep up the good work and God bless u for me...

I want to see you atlease once before ending of my life. He is also eloquent and at ease on all his interviews. Kansameda 4 showing your face not only in asia but 2 the whole word.. Thank the Lord of the world that all your EX-fans have Kim Soo-hyun, Park Yoochun, Lee Jong-suk, Lee Junk-ki and your other better peers. Next drama should be with Sandara park,they have chemistry, I'm looking forward to it,. Wow some people can be crazy,so he should go to the military cos he is dating and reflect on his life why and how??? all these fangirls here that hates you because you were dating with suzy is just LMAO. That is the reason why we Filipinos love Lee Min Ho, he is always welcome to our country. And enjoy yourself for what you like, without damage your feelings by displeasing things/persons/situations. I just wanted to say that you are a very good actor and of course handsome :) Keep it up & God bless you more... saranghae :) After watching Boys Over Flowers I did a search for both you & Kim Hyun Joong to find more series. The harder your roles, the more effective actor you are. God bless Well your movies are great but I haven't watched heirs yet, I heard your learning english lee min ho. Xoxo Love Korean dramas to bit..time I make a trip I miss it so love lee mi ho.I think is tine to do more dramatic rules and quite high school dramas ,the stories are now getting too boring and predictable was the beauty of Korean drama you couldn't so happy u can speak English you really hoping to see u soon in more matured dramas ... I hope through the years he gets to explore different parts as an actor, because he's not just a pretty face, he's quick to learn and quick minded. He's a good actor that will get better and better and I look forward to being one of his fans for all those years. Much Love~ Keep the nice drama up, you have made korean movie more interesting, and I also appreciate the characters you displayed in the movies you are extraordinary, you are good keep on the good work, Lee Min-Ho....hunter, Faith, boys over flowers, personal taste etc. :) After reading other peoples comments, I did not know what to say again but what I wnt to say to u is in my heart and it is too heavy...

After going through training, Min-ho started auditioning for roles and landed smaller roles in several television dramas. And i know i will come sooner or later South Korrea to meet you. But else I'm a huge fan of Faith, i wish there would be a second season or an extra that would show how they are living after her return, oh and City Hunter, I would love so see an extra of that too, so much better than the manga - is in City Hunter his half-sister aware that he is her half-brother, or not? I watched boys over flowers but i fall in love with the blond hair guy the one who fell in love with jandi.. hi there idol...me you're the best actor i've ever watch...i'm always admiring you idol...i love all you're movies..dream is to see you in person. i love you my dearest idol...you're my inspiration... Hi.......i am one of your biggest fan...i always admire you as an actor...i love all your movies specially boys over flowers,the heirs,city hunter, and legend of the blue sea.......you've visited my country the philippines right? I love all your movies especially boys over flower, and legend of the blue sea. BYE LOTBS is my first kdrama ever and is now my standard in watching other kdramas... I almost cannot finish the show that u played too.. I watched legend of the blue sea, and i dropped it, somehow your expression is so plain so that i cannot feel any of your emotion in your movies.. I am his biggest fan or should i say an crazy fanatic of Lee Min Ho from the first day i've watched his acting career in Boys over Flower since then I always watching his movies/TV series, Woohhh!!! More power to his career and we Filipinos really love him and will always support him! U had bear in d last episode of faith lolssss U look strange bt hansom..Love... i have watched FAITH and i just started watching PERSONAL TASTE. you are very talented and i hope to meet you one day! Thank you for inspiring me everyday by just looking at your picture..i wish you can give me a photo with you signature on it. I AM A BIG BIG BIG FAN OF YOURS ESPECIALLY YOUR MOVIES AND SONGS OMGGGGGGG GOD BLESS AND MORE POWERRRR SEE YOU VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SOOOOON!!!!!! you are one of the artist that make me enjoy watching korean movies and dramas and gradually learning korean. i hope to watch something from you sooner than later. Vincent and the Grenadines korea's army will be the hottest and weakest army in the world all this flower boys in a same army will make great view but not a great army..actually i think that 90 % of them won't be looking so good with military hair cut! LEE MIN HO is a great actor..,we MINMIN FANS want to see lee min ho and park min young together in one drama or they can Make a season two of CITY HUNTER..,the couple really amazed us... I really find City Hunter the best of all the Korean drama I watched.. They’ve started watching more of Lee Min-ho’s dramas. The (girl) teenagers in my family often call him “Lee Min-hot”. don't know what he's like in person but i bet he's awesome and nice. although shows like faith and city hunter aren't my type of shows im totally gonna watch them because of him. BTW boys over flowers is my favorite show of any and all languages, places and genres. and there are no actors or actresses could out shine Lee Min Ho. I knew your work since Mackerel Run and already fallen immensely in your acting since then. Please do not allow the western film culture to contaminate your beautiful culture. Love you all and ill keep watchin more of Korean movies.

His major breakthough came with Min-ho landing the lead role in the KBS2 drama "Boys Over Flowers" as Ku Jun-pyo. Lee Min-Ho , My first Loved Actor, He Handsome and lovely, Funny , Good actor No words.... I watched 6 Drama 3 Movies Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste, City Hunter, Faith, The Heirs, The Legend of the Blue Sea, Bounty Hunters 2016, Gangnam Blues, Our School's E. anesayeong oppa, i am from india(Manipur)i love u so much, u r so handsime&cute when u r smile i love soooo....much, i hope tht i can go to korea &see u in real,i like u so much....fighting!!! u r so handsome in first kiss 4r 7 times pls take care of yourself..be ill...i go to south korea for u&i wnt to protect u ,my life is for u,i miss u,oppa fighting!! Seems they like to pair him up with women quite a few years older than he is. But last week, i dont have something to watch and i tried to open episode 6 of the legend of the blue sea then i liked it so i go back start to episode 1 till almost 48 hrs i didn't sleep, i finished it even if i have worked.. i wish someday i will see you in person.are the best actor i've ever watch...i will always admire you lee min ho and will always love you...to see you soon idol..you [lee min ho]..... My favorite part in the two movies is when you are being kicked by Gun jun dee and sim Chung. It moved me to tears every time i watch it over and over again especially when he finally met his mother and accepted her wholeheartedly... I was able to watch all of his kdrama and all I can say is wow! Im always here to support all your drama's or movie . and i really really like you...i mean everyone likes you!! just continui ur career and continui your love life in suzzy bae!! Not even this new year but for my whole life l'll remember u.l'll recollect u every second.l'll miss u for two years. I watched The Heir, it's killing me, i really don't like the story.. I have'nt see him in person and that is my ever wish! / ‎ ) I just love to watch ur movies::: personal taste, city hunter, I am sam(that funny role u played dere lolll), boys over flower, faith... Im looking forward to watch your next movies,tv series.... keep smiling, its one of the beautiful things about you. hi,i heard that actors who have born in the years 1985-87 should go to the military service actors like song jungki,kim hyun jung,jung gyun sook,lee sung gi,park yuchan and the most important of them you,please tell us that this isnt true,you know that we will wait for you but if i want to be honest i should say that it is very hard not seeing you for two years and hear the news about you from anyway it is a fact that one day you should do your service and in that day all of your fans and i will tell you"AJA AJA FITHING" hi it is about 4years that i know you,the first drama i watched from you was boys over flowers and you were wonderful in that drama i should say that i have watched it about 12times and between 100korean dramas that i have watched this is the best one,you were also great in personal taste that i have watched it 8 times,city hunter and faith too and the best thing about your actinng is that it isnt important the role thant you are playing it is in which age you play it awsome and unbelieveable,im a real fan of you that search and save all of your photos videos and musics and i should thank you because of suh wondeful album that you made in order to thank your fans,i had prayed alot that you play another roll like two previos years(city hunter and faith)for SBS maybe icould find a chance to come to korea and be in that programe to see you from near and in the midel of spring when i found from ASIANWIKI that you will have THE HEIRS for sbs i was really happy and i told it to all of my famiiy and friends that it is a chance for me to come to korea and find you but things aren't going well so i cant come this year but one day i will come and i really try to find you and see you from near untill that time i should be calm and love you and be a good fan but ireally should say that waiting for the heirs is really hard i wish you to win the TOP ACTOR AWARD like two previous years for city hunter and faith untill that time''AJA AJA FITHING! we love you.., CITY HUNTER IS THE BEST action drama that i've watch..,stay handsome.., Well, i have always enjoyed Lee Min Ho because he one of the best Actors whose made me fall in love with Korea. It was a complete package that's why many fans love him.. i have always imagined that if i were to meet a famous person i wouldn't go all crazy and just be like hi wat up but if i saw him (min-ho) i would go insane to the point where i would pass out. i wish i could speak Korean cause then we'd have something in common (its not weird its wishful thinking) 나는 민호, 당신을 사랑합니다 (i love you, min-ho) also your my favorite actor of all time i accidentally came across BOF on mbc4 and i had to look for a fan from nigeria and i really wish id see you,ive watched all the dramas you acted as the lead i want learnin korean cuz of u n hw much ive loved ur country.please learn english and go big in hollywood,u r so perfect,forget kim hee sun comment on ur kiss i knw shes lying.u have lots of fans here. Love u Minho Boys Over Flowers was recently shown on MBC4 dubbed in Arabic. You are the only actor that every drama that you're work in it, I'd watched it for several times. How I wish that you could come and be a guest there, even for once. I discovered korean drama by chance and almost got addicted. I just saw Boys Over Flowers recently and I fell in love with it and Lee Min Ho. xxxx I had been waiting long 2 hear about lee min's brand new drama.

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