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This problem was the bane of my existence when I first started using Hibernate because I had no idea where the problem was coming from.

If you’re executing a query and finding that you have a bunch of duplicate records and haven’t a clue why, then you’re in the right place.

see section 13.4 of the Hibernate Reference manual for an explanation of performing such updates.

example: Session session = session Session(); Transaction tx = session.begin Transaction(); String hql Update = "update Customer c set = :new Name where = :old Name"; // or String hql Update = "update Customer set name = :new Name where name = :old Name"; int updated Entities = s.create Query( hql Update ) String( "new Name", new Name ) String( "old Name", old Name ) .execute Update(); tx.commit(); session.close(); Hi,i am new to this forum, I given try to this this is not wotking,i am getting the below problem "org.hibernate.query Exception : Query must be bign with Select or From ...." . pls tell me how to solve this problem .i dont know why i am facing this problem.

To implement this in your code, we would need to do little modification as follows − Session session = session Session(); Transaction tx = session.begin Transaction(); Scrollable Results employee Cursor = session.create Query("FROM EMPLOYEE").scroll(); int count = 0; while ( employee Cursor.next() ) tx.commit(); session.close(); Finally, we will create our application class with the main() method to run the application where we will use flush() and clear() methods available with Session object so that Hibernate keeps writing these records into the database instead of caching them in the memory.

Query q = session.create Query("from Stock Transaction where tran Id = :tran Id "); Parameter("tran Id", 11); Stock Transaction stock Tran = (Stock Transaction)q.list().get(0); stock Volume(4000000L); session.update(stock Tran); Hibernate will update all the unmodified columns.

The ball is in your court to tell Hibernate what to do with records it has retrieved. I did it in another way using session.get(classname.class,id); and setting the appropriate value in setter method is working fine, i am getting required result , but the pbm is seems to execute the query too many times (runing select query once and update query once ) and also not sure whether this is the feasible solution or not . and since you are updating the object in DB, you need to retrive it first and then update the object and finally flush it into DB.So for sure it will include select query and then update query.By default, Hibernate will cache all the persisted objects in the session-level cache and ultimately your application would fall over with an Out Of Memory Exception somewhere around the 50,000th row. You can resolve this problem, if you are using batch processing with Hibernate.

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