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Now this Chad own words on eveything: 2.) Ryan’s “sickness” is completely UNRELATED to mine. I will absolutely come back stronger than I ever have in my life. Come spend five minutes with me and take a look into my eyes, and you tell me what the monster’s glare has to say.

But I never put a SINGLE negative post out there against Ryan. The first time we spoke was after he had watched TERROR NORMAL, which was a documentary I made eight years ago, in which myself and my skeptical friends went to Waverly Hills and locked ourselves in that nightmare of a building for eight days.

or getting 0 per episode, which each episode takes three days to film.

We also filmed 12 hours a day, which meant they secondary cast members were making less than per hour.

I nearly died because I’ve lived a life in which I simply did not take care of myself. But I also know that there are some truths that only he can tell you… When he is ready, and I truly pray he will be one day, I’m going to give him the opportunity to be accountable for his action, as that will be price of his redemption. When I first met Ryan Buell, I was working for Steven Spielberg on my own show called RISING, while he was working on a show, that after several name changes (Out There, Paranormal U.) would eventually become Paranormal State.

:) Some one who a very good friend if his Chad Calek is recently fighting his own illness. Anyone who says anything different is absolutely lying. 3.) I know EXACTLY what is going on with Ryan, and trust me when I tell you that NOBODY else knows the full story.

With no contracts in play for anyone else, they had no legal obligations to pay the cast anything, which again, is about as messed up as it gets, since they were selling their face and likeness to the world for millions. I didn’t have to tell Ryan that time was on our side. Since we knew we they were listening to our conversations, we made up all kinds of shit to scare them. The ONLY people we could be overridden by are the EP’s that are owners of PARANORMAL STATE (which there were two) and the A&E Network, who might as well be GOD in this situation, because with a swipe of a hand, they can make any call they want, and that call will be enforced. After hours of hanging out, we decided we were going to bounce to Times Square to see what was up.

In the last few months Ryan Buell have been accuse of scamming people out of lots of money and using his illness as the reason. Did I feel completely abandoned when my 50/50 partner on AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER left me in the cold on the delivery of thousands of DVD’s, while not some much as posting a single post on the AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER Facebook page to talk to fans as to why the overall process was so difficult? I was 31 years old and had spent seven years working in the entertainment business as a director, in which he was truly just a kid that some very clever producers had sunk their teeth into, realizing he was a “polarizing” figure.

As for money scams he is accuse i no some people who feel they have been taken. It’s also important to understand that in the last few years, I’ve seen and spoken to Ryan face to face all of two times, while texting with him a total of five times, in which those texts were extremely limited. At the time, we were both battling with producers, while not truly knowing the fate of what we had created, as 99 percent of all “shows” never make it past the pilot stage.

Up to that point, all anyone had ever seen in regard to “ghost hunting” was a tag-team of Warwick plumbers that were fumbling and fucking around with “ghosts” in the most endearing way. We didn’t care if they didn’t even understand the gadgets they were using. “Chad, if you’re able, I want you to come on the show. At the same time, while I was excited by the opportunity to be on PARANORMAL STATE, I was NOT a religious man, in which I told Ryan if this were going to work, I would NOT be taking part in anything religious, but I would be willing to try one episode.

Jay and Grant were using the tools they had to bring this field forward, and we ALL had tuned in… He agreed, never pushed me and said, “Let’s do it.” After two weeks of begging my bosses to let me now appear on PARANORMAL STATE, I was finally able to convince them that it would be a good thing for RISING should it ever be released. Evil” or the “UFO Ranch” episodes, you can clearly see the logo on my back several times.

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